Best IT Colleges Of Nepal

20 Best IT Colleges Of Nepal

In this list we have curated some best IT (Information Technology ) colleges in Nepal

#1 IOE (Institute Of Engineering) Tribhuvan University

Computer engineering is a discipline that integrates several fields of electrical engineering and computer science required to develop computer hardware and software.Computer engineers usually have training in electronic engineering (or electrical engineering), software design, and hardware–software integration instead of only software engineering or electronic engineering. Computer engineers are involved in many hardware and software aspects of computing, from the design of individual microcontrollers, microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design. This field of engineering not only focuses on how computer systems themselves work, but also how they integrate into the larger picture.

Usual tasks involving computer engineers include writing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers, designing VLSI chips, designing analog sensors, designing mixed signal circuit boards, and designing operating systems. Computer engineers are also suited for robotics research, which relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems like motors, communications, and sensors.

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#2 Kathmandu University – School Of Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
Master of Engineering (Computer Engineering)
Master of Technology (Information Technology)
MS by Research DoCSE
PhD in DoCSE

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#3 Islington College

The main aim of this course is to provide students with a general education in the area of Computing. The course is designed for those students who wish to specialise in the development and maintenance of modern computer-based systems. There are four areas that characterise the course. These are: Software Development, Information Systems, Networks and Distributed Systems, and Internet Computing Systems. The course develops the technical and non-technical skills necessary for the graduate to demonstrate a professional attitude and work successfully in the above areas. Emphasis throughout is on what the student learns and can do as a result of learning. The graduate attributes of self-awareness, performance in a variety of idioms and contexts, and creativity and ethics are also developed by this course.

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#4 Deerwalk Institute of Technology

Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT) is a collaboration between Nepalese entrepreneurs and the USA based software company, Deerwalk Inc. We are supported by both Nepalese and American professionals who seek to improve the quality of Nepal’s education, and, by doing so, contribute to the nation’s economic development. With the help of our industrial partner, Deerwalk Inc. we aim to train technical professionals who have the capability to bring Nepal into the global marketplace.

Our ultimate vision is to be the premier institute of technology in Nepal and the South Asia region by taking a unique practical approach to modern technical education. We hope to bring together the best of theory and practical training so that our students receive not only an excellent education, but also four years of extensive hands-on experience.

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#5 Softwarica College of IT and Engineering

The uptake of digital technology in society has greatly increased our need for interactive computing devices – now an intrinsic part of everyday life for anything and everything from entertainment and education to healthcare, work and transport.

This course focuses on applying computing concepts, such as web technologies and mobile computing systems, with a focus on software development design, as well as usability and Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

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#6 Amrit Science Campus (BSc.CSIT)

Amrit science college provide Computing courses !
Amrit Campus, formally named as Public Science College (PUSCOL) and later named as Amrit Science College (ASCOL), after late Mr. Amrit Prasad Pradhan. Mr pradhan was born in 1918 at Thamel, Kathmandu. He served as headmaster of Jooddha High School in Birgunj for two years and later joined at Tri-Chandra College as lecturer in Chemistry. In 1962, he became founder Principal of Public Science College (present Amrit Campus) and began teaching as professor of Chamistry.

Late Principal Amrit Prasad Pradhan established Amrit Campus with a view to promote the study of Science and Technology in Nepal. The campus has benefited greatly from his spirit or enterprise, dedication and enthusiasm. While on a mission to the United States of a cause connected with the college, he died in an air crash over Mt. Blanc on January 24, 1966. The death of this noble soul was mourned by the nation.

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