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We offer a bouquet of services to ensure you enjoy a comfortable trading experience. Trading was never so simple.

  • Free Trading

    Explore all market segments including equity, F&O, currency and commodity for free and trade as much as you like.

  • Trading platform & tools

    Our unified trading platform works effortlessly across all market segments to allow you to keep track of your trades and make the right moves without wait.

  • Care & support

    Our impeccable customer service makes us stand apart from the competition. Join us and begin a journey of mutual trust and growth.

  • Market buzz

    We take pride in bringing our clients the fastest updates on what’s happening in the market right now. We believe in the idiom that knowledge is power.

Trading Benefits with Wisdomcapital

  • Get attractive and profitable trading plans for each segment.
  • Do online trading from anywhere and at any time.
  • Trade Equities, Currency, Futures & Options, Commodities, etc.
  • Get an access advanced trading tools for informed decision making.
  • Quick and fast trade.
  • Get free online trading software & single trading platform for each segment.
  • Online payout facility.
  • Trade in multiple markets and products.
  • 2014 NSDL Star Performer Awards
  • 2013 NSDL Star Performer Awards