How to make money by starting a blog?

  1. Pick a Domain Name. The first thing that you need is a website and a domain name so that people can find you online. I recommend that you create your website using the WordPress platform, it’s best for blog post type of websites. Then you can get a domain at go daddy, Bluehost, HostGator or any other hosting company. There’s plenty of them, you will be lost with choice.
  2. After establishing your website, it’s time to build it up and set up everything so that it looks good, presentable and most importantly, it’s user friendly. Here’s a video of how to set up your navigation menus on a WordPress website
  3. Pick Your Niche. Choose the niche or the topic of the website. This is what you will write about. It’s usually considered best practice to stick to only one niche per website. In other words, if you decide to blog about gaming equipment then do just that. Don’t make a blog post about the best cooking recipes for cakes after you’ve made 3 articles related to gaming equipment. Stick to one topic for a website.
  4.  Prepare to Write. Preparing your articles before you write them is important if you want to be as efficient as you can possibly be. Knowing what you will blog about and structuring your article can be time-saving and productive at the same time. Do thorough research on the topic that you will blog about and focus on key factors that people are looking for. These people should be interested in what you blog about, but how do you find what key terms people are searching for related to your niche?
  5.  Keyword Research. Do keyword research to determine what people are searching for on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. For example, if you’ve decided to write a blog post about correct positioning during exercise because your niche is health and fitness, using keyword research tools can help. By using a research tool you can figure out the exact search terms that people who want to know about correct positioning during exercise are typing on Google and the other search engines and add them inside your articles to rank on page one for these specific terms.
  6.  Write Your Article. Write an article using the above-mentioned steps, and try to be as informative and extensive as possible. Take your time to cover everything that you think is important and be sure to provide lots of value and high quality to your readers. Make it engaging, entertaining and resourceful. Now, keep writing articles and try to do it as often as possible. About 2–3 times per week should be enough, but the more you do it, the faster you will see results.
  7. How to monetize your articles and blog posts? It’s really easy to do that because when you target a keyword and write content on it when someone stumbles upon it, they will be looking for it. In other words, people will always be interested in what you have to blog about. This increases traffic quality by a lot.

A) Use Adsense by google

B) Facebook Audience Network 

C) Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Flipkart etc)

D) Direct Banners (Local Ads)

E) Sponsored post / guest post 

F) Sell Backlinks etc..

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