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About Kul Labs
We believe that Knowledge and Experience are the two major factors that creates a knowledgeable person. Kul Techno Lab and Research Center is comprised of a bunch of young minds from diverse backgrounds that follow the same dream of creating a fusion between education and technology. Our aim is to create a digital platform for both the teachers and students that can motivate creativity and be a free source of knowledge. This platform will provide every individual the freedom to choose how, what and where one wants to learn. We are working towards enhancing the education system by nurturing one’s creativity to employ their knowledge in the practical world. Through this platform, every individual can become an active learner at their own pace and without any pressure of competition or time confinement. Every individual has the right to education and we want to see the same being practiced. We believe in building an education system that breaks boundaries of money, geography or any other disability.

Our vision:
Provide Free, variety and best contents for e-learning.
Create a platform where every component of education merges.
Provide multiple resources for teachers and students to teach and learn.
Provide freedom to the users to learn whatever they want, wherever they are and however they want.
Share and forward ideas to enhance the learning experience.

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