What Should I Do After Completing +2 Science ?

Completing +2(plus two) in Science is a tough task. What’s even more tougher is deciding what to do after completing +2 science because what you decide becomes your future in most of the cases.

Students are often confused with what they should do after +2 because the options are not so obvious. They have to decide what they should study next and sometimes they are even confused about what they like . Choosing the University and Subject really affects their career. Let’s talk a little about +2 science students.

In +2 science, students divide themselves into two streams, bio-group and physical groups. Bio-groups are those who study biology and does not study maths in 12th while physical students are just opposite, those who study maths and does not study biology, although they are allowed to take these both subjects(biology and maths as extra).

Considering these, students after +2 science have two types of scenarios. Either they can choose to go to biological / medical fields or physical / engineering fields. This is almost obvious that whether they should do engineering or medical sectors but the hard part comes when you have to decide what part you want to join in these fields. For example, in medical sectors, students can join MBBS, BDS etc. and in engineering field they can join to either of several faculties like Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering etc.

If we consider that you decided to do one from above mentioned, there is still another thing to consider i.e. which University to join at and how to prepare for entrance. Selecting good University really matters your future. All Universities have different syllabus. They all teach students differently and the fee structures also differ. Although they publish their intake booklet each year, it is wise to study them all from the early time so that you will not be confused later.

Another aspect you should consider is entrance exam. If you are considering to join medical or engineering, you have to face very tough exam if you are planning to apply for government quota. As private campuses are really expensive although they offer good education, applying for government quota is the best choice. You get to complete your bachelor in very less money that you would do from private campuses. To get admission in government quota, you have to prepare for their entrance. Over 15,000 students apply for IOE(Institute Of Engineering), each year and around 2000(not exact number) get admission in constituent campuses.

To crack the entrance, you have to prepare very hard. You have to practice more, take exams as many as possible and take course from institutions if needed. Also there are other options to support your entrance preparation like Entrance Capsule  which is an engineering entrance preparation app . You can down load app from playstore ( DOWNLOAD NOW ).

Also, if you have interests other than engineering and medical line, you can always get into the field and understand about that. You can ask your seniors, mentors or friend about what you do not know. Its always better to ask questions than suppress your interest inside you. You may also join other fields like B.Sc, BBS etc and do some job which allows you to earn while others are studying but you have to carry both parts together on your own which is a bit harder.

If you are interested in some technical skills, you should try to learn immediately after completing +2. Even if you are applying for engineering, say computer engineering, it is better to learn at least one programming language before joining engineering. It will definitely help you in coming days.

Patience and dedication is also the important thing in life. If you fail in some attempts, there will come a time where you win. Number is attempts does not matter, what matters is what you learn from these failures. Striking against different obstacles makes you able to make your future brighter and meaningful.


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